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Couscous with cranberries and almonds, Tagine with pickled lemons and saffron, Pastry filled with orange blossoms and roses … No wonder that the Moroccan cuisine fascinates people all over the world. Origin Hotels will introduce you to its secrets and the art of combining flavours and spices to create a tantalising and traditional Moroccan meal that will make your family and friends amazed.


Cooking Class (3-4 hours)*

Discover the taste of Marrakech and the secrets of the Moroccan cuisine. Learn how to prepare a traditional Moroccan menu and surprise your guests at home.

Price: 39 Euros/person


Cooking class including market tour (5-6 hours)*

Our chef de cuisine will take you on a culinary journey. After an adventurous tour through some food markets of the old city you will be introduced to the Moroccan art of cooking.

Price: 69 Euros/person


Cooking for medicine(5-6 hours)*

including introduction of Berber pharmacist

Morocco is famous for its spices. The leaves, flowers, bark and tubers can do far more than aromatize. Our Berber pharmacist will introduce you to the healing powers of your ingredients. Afterwards your chef de cuisine will show you how to combine the magical spices while creating your own traditional menu.*

Price: 69 Euros/person


Book a whole riad & cook*

Take your friends & family, book our Riad Magi as your own house and learn how to cook the Moroccan way! You can either cook all day – or combine your culinary workshops with other activities. Your chef de cuisine will create a programme following your wishes.*

Price: starts from 99 Euros/person/night (minimum 5 persons)
Including accommodation, breakfast & cooking workshop

**All our easy-to-follow workshops take part in our Origin Hotels Kitchen Atelier in riad Magi. Mint tea for free is included. At the end of each course you can enjoy your own creation in our patio, sitting under orange trees. Or on our rooftop terrace, watching the sky.



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