Getting lost in the Souks

The souks belong to Marrakech like freckles to the summer. They are at the same time magical and exhausting, breathtaking and mysterious – they are the heart of Marrakech.

All those colorful impressions, aromas and labyrinthine alleys are like an own world of 1001 nights. Getting completely lost between the shops for lamps and herbs, to miss the turnoff between haggling over prices and spreading a donkey barrow is completes this experience. You will get lost, the souks will take you, make you walk a circle and then always spit you out again at the big square Jama el-Fnaa.

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To visit the souks of Marrakech is one of the most authentic and exciting experiences at the Red City. It is the perfect opportunity to gaze at the Moroccan art and handcraft and to sample a true Marrakech experience.

The souks of Marrakech are a treasure chest and Mecca for any shopaholic. You can find everything – from a unique handmade leather bag over mini water pipes to a whole Moroccan interior decor.

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Now it’s time to haggle! As prices are not fixed in the medina your smile is your best weapon. The nicer you are to the shop owners, praise their beautiful products and compliment them, the lower the price gets. And an advice for advanced: use some words in Darija, the Moroccan Arabic. An appreciative ”zwina” (beautiful) while you check out the ware or a beseeching ”afak ” (please) while you ask him to lower the price can easily half the costs.

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For many tourists the medina and Marrakech are just a so different from what they know and they meet the Moroccans with some mistrust –always afraid to become a victim of a scam. But in the end it’s the Moroccans who suffer from this mistrust. You will have better prices and a nicer experience when you see the shop owners as your friends instead of your opponent. To discuss prices and joke around is a game and not a fight and if you do it right it can even ends with an invitation to a homemade cup of Moroccan mint tea somewhere in the middle of the souks of Marrakech.

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