Origin Hotels Recipes –Nr. 1: Fruity Peanut Compote Cake

We believe that good food nourishes the soul. All our recipes contain natural ingredients and are designed to keep you healthy and happy!

Fruity peanut compote cake

(For 2 people)

This very healthy and easy-to-create recipe is the perfect treat for a lazy Sunday afternoon with friends
or might complete a healthy meal as a dessert.


Half an apple
8 medium strawberries or other red fruits
1 medium banana
½ cup of water
50 gram peanuts or already crushed peanuts
1 tea spoon of sugar or brown sugar
1 tea spoon of honey
1/4 tea spoon of cinnamon

Mix the peanuts and the honey and add a little bit of cinnamon. Add those ingredients in a mixer or hand ground them.

Take out the paste, create little balls and flatten them. Use a cookie form, for example a circle or a square and form your peanut paste.

Heat up the water and sugar in a casserole until half of the water is gone. (approx. 4 minutes) Then add the apple and let it stir for 3 minutes. Then add strawberries (or other red fruits) for 2 minutes.

Put the fruit compote on the peanut base with a spoon and take away the cookie form.

Decorate with some peanuts and a little bit of cinnamon as a garnish.
We know you will enjoy this fresh and beautiful dessert!

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