Salam u alekum, hello everyone, hej alla, hallo an alle, bonjour tout le monde.

Welcome to the new Origin Hotels website!  With our recent growth, adding two new riads to our group of boutique hotels in Marrakech, the time was right for a revamp and relaunch of our site.  We’re also very excited to be adding this blog to our site, and we hope you will find it useful and inspiring.

On our website you can find all the information you need about our hotels in Marrakech and the services we offer – from cooking classes, sightseeing, golf and more in our beautiful and fascinating city, to day trips and longer excursions to help you discover more of our wonderful and diverse Morocco. As you will see we love to work with our clients to build the holiday of their dreams!

With this blog we hope to offer you more in-depth and up to the minute information to really enhance your experience of Marrakech and Morocco.  In the coming weeks, months and years we plan to add posts about Marrakech and Morocco, our special culture, traditions, food, landscapes, handcrafts, upcoming events and more. Just in case you need any more inspiration to visit us in this magical city!  We’ll also provide tips and tricks based on our local knowledge to help you plan your trip to Marrakech and be ready to dive right into the experience when you arrive.  And every now and then we will tell you more about the people of Origin Hotels, from our agents in Europe to our local expatriate and Moroccan staff – their unique stories.  So you will be able see how we all got to where we are now, get to know us before you come to visit and remember us after you leave.

Let us show you Marrakech! Marhaba bikum (welcome to you all).

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